Master Amajith Swain

About 25 years ago, when I was in southern India, I developed shortsightedness and had to wear glasses. I felt depressed and started to look for a method to solve this problem. I tried many techniques, and finally I was able to recover my eyesight by doing eye exercises and making small changes in my diet.

Since then, I’ve helped people of all ages to improve their vision in a natural way. I’ve worked especially hard for small children so that they can see the world with their beautiful eyes.

I’ve received people from all over the world and helped them do away with their glasses or strengthen their eyesight through this method. However, it was distressing for me when people had to experience great inconvenience to visit me from far away. It was my wish to establish eye exercise centers in all parts of India and in other countries as well.

Eyes are the most important organs in the human body. Nowadays, many organs can be obtained from donors. Even the heart can be replaced, but there is no replacement for the eyes. In spite of this, it seems that eyes are greatly neglected in our daily lives. Each one of us takes care of our teeth, hair, skin, clothing, houses, vehicles, and so on. On the other hand, almost no one takes good care of their eyes. Due to the use of cell phones, computers and TV, our eyes are overused and need to be taken care every day. That is why eye exercises are so important for all of us. Those who are wearing glasses can improve their vision considerably, and those who are overusing their eyes can keep their eyes healthy by doing exercises in their daily lives. Furthermore, this natural vision therapy is a very good for prevention of shortsightedness in our children, and I believe that they should learn these exercises for healthy eyes.

It was in 2011 when Joy Urapa came to visit me in India with her parents, Dr. Somsran and Dr. Damrongpan Watanachote. She had astigmatism in both of her eyes and was wearing glasses. She started eye exercises, and within a week, her eyesight improved to the point where she didn’t have to wear glasses. I was deeply thankful that Joy’s mother, Dr. Somsran, had a positive attitude toward and an understanding of the eye exercises. Although she is a highly experienced eye surgeon, she never viewed my method in a negative way, and she helped Joy to practice the eye exercises. Eventually, Joy and Dr. Somsran invited me to attend eye seminars in Thailand, and they asked for my help in establishing an eye exercise center in Bangkok. I gladly offered to help, and I encouraged Joy. Her parents also had helped her follow this path. My dream to create a natural vision center in Bangkok came true. Joy has been working hard to make this center a success. She also fulfilled another dream of mine which was to publish a book about natural vision in Thai. I would like to show my appreciation to her for her hard work. I hope this book will be translated into many different languages in the future. I wish the best to Joy with all my heart.