Urapa Watanachote

Urapa Watanachote, normally people call her Ajarn Joy, had her early schooling in Sendai and Iwaki Prefectures, in Fukushima Ken, where she grew up in what is a beautiful rural area in Japan. She was nurtured by the peace and simplicity of these places, and spent her childhood enjoying great fun amidst mountains and valleys, forests and streams, together with good friends and neighbors. Both of her parents were medical doctors and surgeons.

Ajarn Joy finished her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Oregon, Oregon State, USA, and her MBA from the Asian Institute of technology, Thailand (AIT).

As she gained many years work experience from two premium private hospitals, she began to take a serious interest in the psychological and physical health of patients. Working in hospital environments gave her the opportunity to meet many medical doctors whom she exchanged ideas about patients and health problems. She became acutely aware of the high cost of treatments patients must pay, and she saw the need that people should be more health conscious and have access to knowledge about how to take better care of themselves.

When Ajarn Joy was in her late 20s her mother took her and her family to Hawaii to join a Sei-Tai course under the guidance of Sei-Tai Master Kazemaru Yukawa Bacon.

Sei-Tai is a holistic approach to staying healthy through stretching and body alignment. When the body is in good order, symptoms that may arise are in fact the body's natural response to restore itself to its original condition. Kazemaru Sensei taught her the concept of natural healing power ,“Ki” . “Ki” in Japanese or “Chi” in Chinese or “Pran” in India. Its all part of Sei-Tai which today, Ajarn Joy trusts, practices and teaches as the ultimate way for self-healing and healthy living.

She was so impressed with the course that she became a student of Mrs. Kazemaru Yukawa Bacon and continued to learn the discipline both in Hawaii and Japan.

After focusing on Sei-Tai, Ajarn Joy had studied movement meditation and how to enhance physical balance through Taoism and Tai-chi as well as practice Qi Quang for the body's healing ability. She has studied both with Ajarn Surasak Ong, a master in Thailand and under the guidance of renowned Master Yuan Limin, principal of the Wudang Sanfeng Kung Fu College and head of the Wudang Wushu Group in the Wudang Mountains in China.

Ajarn Joy further went on to learn advance yoga meditation and Raja yoga training at the Sigfa Institute, India in May 2011. This training provided knowledge and experience about how to enhance physical recovery by using mental power inviting the discipline of “Prana” and “Vital Energy” of the body. While pursuing these disciplines she had the opportunity to meet Master Amarjith Swain, world renowned for natural vision recovery from various sight problems, including shortsightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, reading problems and other eye problems.

The key turning point in her life was when her own short-sightedness and astigmatism improved dramatically after she received Master Amarjith's eye exercises. After only two short weeks of visiting Master Amarjith's natural vision clinic, Ajarn Joy was able to do a normal reading of a complete VA 20/20 Snellen chart. She no longer needed to use her prescription eyeglasses! Both Ajarn Joy and her mother, a highly respected ophthalmologist, were greatly surprised and impressed by the powers of natural vision improvement through eye exercises alone. This new found 'eyesight freedom' made her want to spread the techniques of such treatment to everyone who had eye problems in order to help people restore their vision naturally without the use of drugs, chemical substances or surgery. A totally risk-free approach!

Having put much thought into how she would put all that she had learned into practice using Master Amarjith Swain's method, Natural Joy Vision Center, a part of the DS Clinic, was opened in Bangkok on July 21st, 2011, becoming the first natural vision improvement program in Thailand. Master Amarjith was invited to be Ajarn Joy's consultant at Natural Joy Vision from its conception and continues to be to this day.

Natural Joy Vision Center also regularly holds seminars and workshops at the DS Clinic, government and private sectors by invitation.

The Natural Joy Vision Center's mission is to improve all sight problems including shortsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, color blindness and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) - and teach people to become less dependent on eye glasses. Accordingly, the Center has provided vision improvement training to more than 1,500 participants including patients at the center, students, trainees of many nationalities, including Thais, Japanese, Burmese, Singapore-an, Indian, American, French and others currently ranging in age from 4 to 79 years.Trainees are happy with improving their vision and lessening their use of eyeglasses. Some of them no longer need eyeglasses with lens power.

The Center also provides training to many personnel and staff in other hospitals, namely Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, Prachuap Khirikhan province, Mae Lao Hospital, Chiang Rai province, Sugaikolok Hospital, Narathiwat province, Trang Hospital Trang province, and Chum Phae Hospital, Khon Kaen province. They have also conducted research for Ongkarak School, Nakhon Nayok province, using research funds from Srinakharinwirot University. In addition, they have provided training to students and personnel at Nonsi Witataya School, under the program of supporting of The People Eye Care Foundation, and provided training for personnel and staff from the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health. The purpose behind their efforts is to ensure that the Center can further spread basic knowledge about natural vision improvement to the community.

Natural Joy Vision is the art and science of restoring vision naturally ….

Without the use of drugs or surgery, and it’s risk-free.

Many people may have doubts and questions on what they have heard about natural vision restoration. We understand and invite your questions. We invite you to come and learn and try our natural methods. All we ask is that you come with an open mind to put new knowledge into practice. It has worked and continues to work for thousands of patients. Why not you? After all, there is no risk.