Dr. Somsran Watanachote , M.D.

Eye Improvement Basis

To visualize things is not just to have pictures spotted on the retina but it also depends on the flexibility of ciliary body muscles in the eye, the contraction and loosening of ciliary body muscles, six eye muscles, and the flexibility of the crystal line lens. These eye systems are also controlled by the mind.

When the body gets tense it might affect your eyes immediately. If your shoulder, neck, and eyes muscles get tense this might lead to blurred vision, short of circulatory system into eyes and low oxygen in the vascular system. If you have a healthy body, your eyes are healthy and strong.

Therefore, the eyes improvement program being offered at the clinic also provides a guide to proper posture, relaxing patients’ shoulder muscles, body muscles, back muscles, and eye muscles in order to improve their vision as a whole.

The Natural Joy Vision Centre is run by Urapa Watanachote (Joy), director of the centre, and it follows the ideas of an ophthalmologist named Dr. Bates Williams from the United States (based on a natural treatment created more than 100 years ago) collaborates and combines the principles established by the natural vision specialist and Guru named Master Amarjith Swain from India. The clinic’s methods and practices help to relax eye muscles and stained that are caused by faulty or awed practices while using one’s vision, e.g. reading while lying down, slouching, using computers for long stretches of time, or looking at small objects.

The natural vision improvement program promotes fusion or the unity of how the brain and eyesight collaborate and work in a harmonious way. The system exercises the eye muscles, exercises the brain, exercises the body, balances the mind, adjusts one’s lifestyle, and improves how one uses one’s eyes.

Accommodation …

In accommodation for near vision, the ciliary muscle contracts (causing increased rounding of the lens), the pupil contracts, and the optic axes converge. These three actions constitute the accommodation reflex. The ability of the eye to accommodate decreases with age.

Yet, by relaxing the ciliary muscle and reducing the accommodation with relaxation of the neck, muscles, the muscles around eyes, the overall muscles in the body, and having a calm mind or even in a meditative mind, all of these will lead to better vision.

It stimulates the enhanced functioning of the eyes and exercising the muscles in the eyes relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation in the eyes, and increases the capability of one’s vision.

When people turn 40, they often need reading glasses. But, if you start eye exercises it could help slow the presbyopia (reading problem) or help you become less dependent on reading glasses. For office syndrome conditions, such as headache, neck pain, or pain in your eyes sockets caused from long periods of using a computer (Computer Vision Syndrome) or using you cell phone and tablet, the natural vision program can help with all of these symptoms.

Trainers’ good attitude and effort lead to the best results. I used glasses with +2.75 D in the past but now it’s +1.25 D after the eye training. All eye congenital diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal degeneration, etc. can be recovery or improved by the natural vision program. However, all the symptoms need to be cured by an ophthalmologist as normal or if a patient has a body or eye infection, this needs to be cured before starting the natural vision program.

People Eyes Care Foundation are assuring that the natural vision is one choice to improve your eyes sight and preventing visual impairment.

Dr. Somsran Watanachote, M.D. (Ophthalmologist)
Secretary of People Eyes Care Foundation
Head of Eye Department and Lasik Centre at Bangkok Hospital