Natural Joy Vision’s mission

Natural Joy Vision’s mission is from the heart; to deliver a method for rejuvenating the eyes.
Make your eyesight naturally and sustainably improve.
We, as a team, believe in the power of nature.

We are like a big tree:

  • We are ready to be reliant on holistic eye health.
  • We are ready to cheer everyone up and give our clients a peace of mind. There is love for each other, both inside and outside the organization.
  • We are ready to create innovations in eye health for Thai society, for the nation and worldwide.

The name Natural Joy Vision

The name Natural Joy Vision was inspired by one of Khun Joy's best friends, who suggested she draw upon different aspects of her name 'Joy.'

  1. The first meaning is related to seeing.

    During the day we abide in radiant sunlight; at night we bask in moonlight. If we maintain healthy eyesight through natural methods, every minute provides us with a window to discover inner joy. Natural Joy Vision refers to vision and insight leading to new perspectives, love, and true happiness.

  2. The second meaning is directly connected to the name Joy.

    Khun Joy's first name in Thai is Urapa "อุราภา", which was given to her by Thailand's Supreme Patriarch soon after she was born. The literal meaning of Urapa is 'someone with a good, joyful heart.' It is a coincidence that her nickname is Joy. The name Urapa now seems very apt, because much of her adult life has been dedicated to fulfilling the meaning of Natural Joy Vision. Moreover, the name Urapa is comprised of letters used in her grandparents' names. She has always been close to her grandparents ( อดุล และ ฉายภมร ) and therefore it is a cherished and blessed name.

This is the origin of the name Natural Joy Vision, the name of the clinic and enterprise operating since 2011.